About Us

We are an artisan gift shop offering unique and meaningful gifts.

We aim to provide gifts that create harmony and stimulate consciousness with metaphysical tools that support the practice of meditation.

We carry a wide variety of items that are associated with positive energy and feng shui.  Among the products we offer are gemstone trees, crystals and tumbled stones.

We have Asian household items like Chinese tea sets, chop sticks gift sets and saki sets.

We also have animal figurines (wide variety of elephants), buddha statues, deities, spirit animals.

We specialize in meditation and metaphysical tools.  Our collection consists of singing bowls, energy clearing bells, chimes, flutes, wands, prayer flags, wishing pyramids, Orgone pyramids, incense and incense holders, wind chimes, Mala beads, auspicious symbols key chain.

We are located at 2 East Avenue, Larchmont, NY 10538

Tel: 914-426-0432